Nueva Lengua

Our partner school in Bogotá is located on the campus of one of the best universities in Colombia, Sabana University, 45 minutes away from the city centre. The school provides modern equipment for its students, including a large library, two computer rooms with free Internet access and software programmes for learning Spanish, a « cultural » room with the possibility of viewing films, documentaries or concerts, without forgetting the sports fields of the campus. As the students of Nueva Lengua school are considered to belong completely to the university, they have access to all of these facilities. The school itself has 5 classrooms,one for each level.

De school

Nueva Lengua
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Sterke punten

  • Location at the very heart of Colombia
  • Exceptional cultural heritage

Feiten over de school

Grootte van de school:
Minimum leeftijd:
16 jaar
Nationaliteit studenten:
Meer dan 3 landen


ESL scholen garanderen dezelfde hoge kwaliteit accomodatie als ons onderwijs. We helpen je met veel plezier een accommodatie te vinden die perfect bij jou past.

Host family


This type of accommodation is ideal for improving your Spanish whilst immersing yourself in the Colombian culture and it will leave you with unforgettable memories of your stay in Bogotá. The families are carefully chosen by our partner school and are located around 45 minutes from the language school building. You will stay in a single room and will have half-board. Your laundry will be washed once a week and you will be provided with a house-key to allow you to be totally independent.

Hotels / Herberg


Prices and information on request.

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