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German schools in Bamberg

Welcome to Bamberg, a place where history, culture, and tradition live in harmony, and a place where you could be wandering its cobbled, medieval streets on a German course in Bamberg! Our partner schools will ensure that you’re surrounded by the language at all times, learning German in Bamberg in dynamic lessons and getting to practice your German while living in this charming town. As you study German in Bamberg, you’ll be surrounded by the sights at all times, from the Altes Rathaus to Bamberg Cathedral!


Why study German in Bamberg?

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City life
  • Living and studying German in Bamberg, you’ll get to immerse yourself in German history and tradition, admiring the grand Neue Residenz, a 17th-century palace, and picturesque Altenburg Castle - contact us for more information about living in Bamberg.
  • Bamberg has a great beer-brewing tradition, and the best way to find out more about their great product is at Franconian Brewery Museum, before trying some yourself at Schlenkerla brewery!
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  • There’s so much to see in the region of Bavaria on a German course in Bamberg, from the Christmas Markets in Nuremberg to Greifenstein Castle.
  • If you’d like to get out into the fresh, mountain air, you can even follow a beer route through Franconian Switzerland, taking you to numerous village breweries!
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  • Bamberg is a stunning historic city, and the best way to experience its history on your language course abroad is with a local walking tour, where you’ll get to see sights from a local’s perspective.
  • For a unique experience, try stand-up paddleboarding on the Regnitz river, or join a guided hike through the nearby countryside taking in local breweries and traditional food!

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